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Your Childs Life Captured Year After Year

Be Ready For School Portraits!


  • EXPRESSIONS.                                                      Cohen and Park prides themselves on being attentive with each child.  We now offer at least 2 poses for you to choose from.

  • ENCOURAGE.                                                              Your child to bring a positive attitude to the camera.  Colin works hard to evoke natural expressions. We encourage your child to be themselves, listen and cooperate.

  • Smiles Can Look Fake If Practiced Too Much.
  • CLOTHING.                                                  Help your child pick out clothes and colors that look good on them.  Best Choice is simple & classic. Small patterns and few words are best.

  • PERFECTION                                                                  A stray hair, missing tooth or braces shows your child just as they are right now. On picture day we do our best to make sure COATS ARE OFF, collars and buttons are straight and your child's face is clean.                                               
  • CURRENT Covid-19 RestrictionsDo Not Allow Us to Fix Hair.  Retouching is available when you place your order.
  • GLASSES                                                  Portraits need light and they may show in your child's glasses. We do all we can to reduce the glare but at times it is unavoidable.  If their glasses do not have a glare resistant coating, you may want to send a note to make sure your child does not wear their glasses in the portrait.

    HATS/ HEAD COVERS.                                  Are Not Allowed for School Record Portraits. It is considered a Public Record Image Much like a Drivers License/Permit, Passport and State ID.                          We will take a separate portrait with their hat/head cover on.